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In response to: Optics: high priced rifle scopes

admin [Member]

You may be limited on options from the US due to ITAR (I have an article about it). You didn’t mention which caliber you are using, but I’ll assume .308 or .338 Lupua in which case you definitely want something using a first focal plane.

At 1000+ meters you really really need some quality glass. Leupold Mark 6 is about the best option before going with Schmit & Bender. With the right optic, a quality rifle, and a skilled shooter, a .308 will reach 1500 meters.

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Johan Magnusson

In response to: Optics: high priced rifle scopes

Johan Magnusson [Visitor]

Hi there.

Do you have any recomendation for price rate in the rifle scopes that works upp to a 1000 yards/meter, or even recomend some scopes. Live in Sweden and use the metric system

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In response to: ammunition: hollow-point vs. ball

admin [Member]

Thanks. I’ll check that out. It’s crazy how many fragments the bullets turns into once it hits something hard like metal or bone.

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DUNDER 81 [Visitor]

If you have Netflix watch JFK The Smoking Gun. It gives a ballistics point of view. Very interesting. The first bullet that hit Kennedy was a ball. And the fatal shot came from a hollow point of some sort. It’s actually quite obvious just from the videos. Over 30 bullet fragments were found in the brain. Sorry kind of off base but the topic reminded me of the film.

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Old man pete

In response to: AR-15: cheap vs. expensive

Old man pete [Visitor]

Thanks for the education. Very enlightening.

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In response to: Buying guns online

admin [Member]

Yes, it’s 3 but the day you buy and the day you pickup doesn’t count so it’s basically a 5 day wait.

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Jack Alston

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Jack Alston [Visitor]

I thought it was a 3 day wait without a CWL?

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In response to: Uses for guns with laser sights

admin [Member]

I mean’t something capable of full-auto fire. We tried a fake EOtech and NCstar laser on a bre-man M16 and after 4 mags dumps the laser wouldn’t turn on at all. The fake eotech started working again if we tapped it against something hard but then cut off as soon as the gun started firing again.

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In response to: Uses for guns with laser sights

chuck [Visitor]

Erik, like most of your stuff however you say that laser sight may fail after use in an assault rifle. My question is who owns an assault rifle. I hope you are not referring to an AR15 as a legal AR15 is NOT an assault rifle although the anti-gun crowd would like to label it as one.

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In response to: Inside the AAC Tirant

admin [Member]

LOL. I was thinking the same thing. I almost said the lady on the other end of the phone “9 months! I’ll be dead by then!” The Tirant is still a great can. I used a trust as well. Here is how I clean the baffles:

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In response to: Inside the AAC Tirant

Caveman [Visitor]

God, I just ordered my Tirant for my HK. By this I guess next March may be when I get mine. Hope I live long enough to check it out. I will save this site so when I do get it, I can relate as to how to clean it. I am acquiring mine thru a trust though.

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In response to: Inside the AAC Tirant

admin [Member]

Octane 45 HD for sure. It’s cheaper and has a better baffle design.

I have a youtube video that shows me cleaning the Tirant baffles with dremel.

The same cleaning process is much easier on the Warlock which has the same baffle design as the Octane.

BTW, I called the ATF yesterday to check on my transfer and the said the wait time is 9 months now!!!

So much for getting my Octane 9 HD before Christmas!

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Chad Powell

In response to: Inside the AAC Tirant

Chad Powell [Visitor]

Would you get a Tirant or get a SWR octane HD
I can not make up my mind

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Michael Yonting

In response to: Purchase and transfer process with

Michael Yonting [Visitor]

I bought a SWR Warlock from Silencer Shop and they are a top rate operation, their prices are the lowest. I will also buy from them again.

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In response to: What is a Match Trigger?

CEDA [Visitor]


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Keith Annis

In response to: RELOADING: sorting and cleaning brass

Keith Annis [Visitor]

It is always best to sort out the cases to make it easier to clean and reload. Thanks for the tips! This is my first time to reload. Thanks a lot!

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In response to: 2013: The decline of America

David [Visitor]

When the madness ends, and It will, we the people will demand that every politician and banker be jailed for life or executed…we will remember.

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silencer trust

In response to: Can I purchase a used suppressor?

silencer trust [Visitor]

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This site is many information and other step.[URL= ]silencer trust[/URL]this site picture and graph is also nice and informative.Its looking good.thanks

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Montana Rifleman

In response to: AR-15 piston driven gas system

Montana Rifleman [Visitor]

I recently purchased long pipe cleaners to clean out the gas tube on my AR. Works GREAT and helps with fouling.

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S B R trust

In response to: NFA FORM 1: background check for SBR

S B R trust [Visitor]

Awesome!Nice!Nice! I think NFA laws is very important.Once the form is approved, they will mail it directly back to you. Once you have the approved form in hand you are legally permitted to purchase/install a short barrel on your firearm…………

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In response to: HK USP-SD Upgrades

admin [Member]

For the most part, yes. However, serial numbers for an SD model would have a different prefix. If you tried to sell it as a “real” SD the serial numbers wouldn’t match. You would also need a different recoil spring to use with a suppressor.

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Joseph Burks

In response to: HK USP-SD Upgrades

Joseph Burks [Visitor]

If I took my standard USP and added the sights, and threaded barrel would that be the same thing? Is anything else different about the SD model?

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Joseph Burks

In response to: Cleaning guns with ultrasonic cleaners

Joseph Burks [Visitor]

What type of cleaning solution would you recommend for an ultrasonic machine?

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In response to: What is a Match Trigger?

admin [Member]

I’m not sure, but I was told by one of the guys at Spike’s that it is not a match trigger. I’d guess the hammer timing and maybe the pull weight. Spike’s says it is still a mil-spec trigger for safety reasons. Although, it is coated in nickel boron to smooth out the action.

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In response to: What is a Match Trigger?

Joel [Visitor]

why the spikes tactical trigger you mentioned in the AR15 trigger article not a match trigger?

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In response to: Price of HK guns and accessories

admin [Member]

The USP match 9mm in stainless steel is one of the most sought after models since Tomb Raider. They sell for $3000+ which is about 3 times it’s initial price.

Other great models are the P7M13, Any USPs with colored frames, and old/original HK33/53/91/93/94/G3. A lot of the older models like G3s will vary depending on condition, manufacture/import date, and rarity.

Some specific models will be valuable based on their date of production. Some models produced during a certain year may have unique features which make them somewhat rare and therefore desirable to collectors.

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In response to: Price of HK guns and accessories

Chris [Visitor]

Which HK models are the best collector type guns?

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In response to: What to look for when buying a used gun

admin [Member]

It could go either way with pawn shops. The problem is that they usually don’t test fire the guns so you could end up with any number of problems not visible. I.E. firing pins.

There are online sellers that will do lay away on new guns. It gives you more time to pay for them and you get a new gun with a warranty. I do it all the time. Let me know if you need some sources for that.

I’ll write a new article about selling your guns. Good idea.

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In response to: What to look for when buying a used gun

John [Visitor]

I am always iffy about buying used guns. This article has helped me put more of what I need to look for into perspective. I now feel more like I would know what to look for when buying a used gun from an unknown person. I was wondering if you thought pawn shops were a reliable source to buy/sell older guns to? Never thought about it before and found a couple online buyers and sellers (Panwgo Just wanted to see what you though Erik

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