Purchase and transfer process with Silencershop.com

by Erik  

I can't say enough good things about Silencershop.com. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and both times I have used them the process was flawless. If you are thinking about purchasing from Silencershop.com have no fears, they are top notch. Here are the reasons I choose to work with them and the process from start to finish:

  • Great prices
  • No sales tax (unless you live in TX)
  • Fast and friendly
  • Great website

First and foremost, they have great prices. If I buy from my local dealer, I have to pay full retail price plus sales tax. The money I save with their already lower price and no sales tax makes up for the NFA transfer fee and then some. Dave is great to work with and gives honest feedback about all his products. He also has some high quality, very informative videos on the silencershop.com website which makes choosing a little easier. If the product you are looking for sells out they are usually able to restock it quickly.

So what is the process from start to finish with Silencershop.com? If you are new the NFA world, it may seem a little intimidating. Here are your steps from start to fninsh:

  1. Purchase suppressor from silencershop.com
  2. Reply to their e-mail with a location for NFA transfer
  3. Silencershop.com notifies you when the NFA form 3 clears
  4. Suppressor is shipped to your local NFA dealer
  5. Your local dealer will assist you with the transfer paperwork
  6. Mail the completed paperwork with a $200 check to the ATF
  7. Wait 5-8 months
  8. Paperwork/tax stamp is returned to your local NFA dealer
  9. Pay your local NFA dealer for the transfer and pick up your suppressor

You will have to do some research on local NFA dealers in your area which do transfers. You cannot use a Title 1 gun shop like you would for regular FFL transfers. It must be a Title 2/SOT (Class 3) dealer. The cost of the transfer should be anywhere from $45-100. I always recommend applying for your tax stamps with a trust. Remember, that the ATF will return your tax stamp back to your local NFA dealer NOT you. Be patient and eventually your NFA dealer will call you with good news.

Are there any negatives to using Silencershop? Not really. It will add about 3 weeks to your purchase because silencershop.com will need files a form 3 which allows them to ship the suppressor to your local dealer. If your local dealer had what you were looking for in stock you could save the 3 weeks but in turn pay more money and sales tax. When I ordered from my local dealer I had to wait over a month for them to get the suppressor before I could even start the paperwork. I wasn't satisfied with their price or service so I started using silencershop.com for future purchases.

I've purchased two suppressors from silencershop.com and will continue to work with them. Did I mention they also carry some of the hard to find suppressor pistons and other accessories to go with your toys?

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Comment from: Michael Yonting [Visitor]
Michael Yonting

I bought a SWR Warlock from Silencer Shop and they are a top rate operation, their prices are the lowest. I will also buy from them again.

07/15/13 @ 23:10