Category: "Class 3/NFA"

2015: subguns returning?

by Erik  

he MP5 is a 50 year old platform, but we are starting to see some revived inspiration in the subgun arena. more »

SUPPRESSORS: Titanium vs. steel construction

by Erik  

One thing to consider when choosing a suppressor is the type of construction. Commonly you will find stainless steel, titanium, and even aluminum. All of these materials have different pros and cons. The following sections will give you an idea of… more »

ATF form 4: approved in 5 months

by Erik  

Earlier this week I received my approved form 4 for a YHM Titanium suppressor. The ATF has recently been turning around electronic form 1s in around 30 days. At the time of this writing form 4s can only be submitted by paper. So if you are looking… more »

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