Category: "Precision Rifle"

What is a sharp shooter?

by Erik  

When the term "sharp shooter" is mentioned everyone in the modern world thinks of a sniper or bullseye shooter. In actuality, the original term is "Sharps shooter." Sharps was s manufacturer that became famous for producing some of the world's first… more »

Top AR style .308 rifles

by Erik  

I've choose my top five AR-10 style rifles that will fit the bill for any accuracy junky who still wants a platform that doubles as a semi-auto. more »

Long range .22 rifle accuracy

by Erik  

These days there are plenty of high-end .22 rifles on the market. Look at rifles from Anschutz, Savage, CZ, and Ruger. Most claim match-grade accuracy and come equipment with longer barrels and custom stocks and other luxuries. However, the limiting… more »