Category: "Ammunition"

Finally found 300 Blackout at Walmart

by Erik  

It's a rare occasion that I shop locally and/or buy factory ammo. However, I needed some 7.62x39 for an upcoming assault rifle video... I went to my local Walmart and purchased some Wolf because it was all they had in said caliber. Brass-cased ZQI… more »

300 Blackout case conversion problems

by Erik  

I've spent a fair amount of time troubleshooting the process of coverting .223/5.56 cases to 300 blackout. more »

Why 300 Blackout will make it

by Erik  

I'm always skeptical of new or non-traditional calibers. In previous articles, I mentioned exotic caliber and my personal list of dumbest calibers. For a few years I was on the fence regarding the 300 blackout. It seemed like a good idea but then… more »

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