Why 300 Blackout will make it

by Erik  

I'm always skeptical of new or non-traditional calibers. In a previous article, I mentioned my personal list of dumbest and exotic calibers. For a few years I was on the fence regarding the 300 blackout. It seemed like a good idea but then again, so was the 6.8 SPC. However, in the last few years we have seen some major commitment to this caliber. More than just a few manufacturers are now offering a variety of weapons chambered in 300 blackout.
The cost and supply of 300 blackout still isn't really there yet. Sure you can find it online, but I haven't see any yet available in retail stores. There are reports of Walmart carrying them, but I just haven't seen it for myself yet. Here are several key areas which I think will make this caliber increase in popularity over the next decade (maybe sooner):

  • Compatibility
  • Hunting
  • Suppressors
  • Reloading
  • Support from Vendors

Compatibility is huge. Being able to use the same bolt and magazines as .223/5.56 makes appealing to people those who don't want to spend all the extra money on extra magazines. Sure you need a new barrel, but most rifles in the AR-15, ACR, and others are somewhat modular making it easy to swap upper receivers and/or barrels.
Hunters gain the benefit of that heavy bullet with still retain the familiarity of an AR-15. There is a very wide range of bullet weights available for use with the 300 blackout since it shares the same .308 bullets commonly used in long accuracy rifles.
Suppressors have become huge in the market the last few years. Subsonic 300 blackout ammo, while still very expensive, performs great.

Some of this can be attributed to new laws allowing the use of suppressors for hunting. The reloading scene has been very responsive to 300 blackout. Dillon Precision has released several components which allow reloaders to transform standard .223 cartridges buy cutting them and sizing them inside a progressive press. Very slick! Lastly, we haven't seen any decrease in the productions or accessories or this caliber. It seems as if 300 blackout has survived long enough to prove it a worth caliber for consideration. A stronger demand for bullets chambered in .308 will eventually create more competition and drive down prices.

Why not stick with traditional .308? It's been around forever, but this caliber is often seen in bolt action rifles. Sure there are a few semi-autos that will eat it like the KAC SR-25, FN FAL, and M1A. At the end of the day the 300 blackout will bring weapons like the AR-15 that we all know and love a little extra. Who doesn't like more options?

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