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Firearms in America

by Erik  

Firearms have always been a controversial topic among media, governments, and the general population.  The information contained within this site provides easy to understand information related to firearms, their use, and operation.  I will do my best t… more »

Finally found 300 Blackout at Walmart

by Erik  

It's a rare occasion that I shop locally and/or buy factory ammo. However, I needed some 7.62x39 for an upcoming assault rifle video... I went to my local Walmart and purchased some Wolf because it was all they had in said caliber. Brass-cased ZQI… more »

What is a sharp shooter?

by Erik  

When the term "sharp shooter" is mentioned everyone in the modern world thinks of a sniper or bullseye shooter. In actuality, the original term is "Sharps shooter." Sharps was s manufacturer that became famous for producing some of the world's first… more »

SHOOTING VIDEO: Camera and audio equipment

by Erik  

I've had several questions in the last few weeks about the setup I use for recording videos. I did a lot of research before I started publishing videos on youtube and here is what I settled one. Camera When shooting demonstration videos… more »

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