Category: "Concealed Carry"

First gun: which caliber?

by Erik  

If you are considering your first gun chances are it's a hand gun. Rifles can be be intimidating and usually cost more than run of the mill pistols. So you may be wondering which caliber should I get? There are many out there and and it's very confus… more »

What is condition 3 carry?

by Erik  

Condition 3 carry refers to carrying a concealed handgun with a loaded magazine but no bullet in the chamber. Condition 3 carry is usually seen with new concealed carry users who are not yet comfortable carrying a loaded firearm. more »

.45 ACP not expanding - WHO CARES?

by Erik  

When talking self-defense ammo, all manufacturers claim effective expansion. When it comes to .45 ACP I'll be the first to claim that expansion it doesn't matter. a… more »

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