Category: "Assault Rifles"

SUPPRESSORS: Titanium vs. steel construction

by Erik  

One thing to consider when choosing a suppressor is the type of construction. Commonly you will find stainless steel, titanium, and even aluminum. All of these materials have different pros and cons. The following sections will give you an idea of… more »

AR-15: negatives to a short barrel?

by Erik  

The standard configuration for an AR-15 uses a 16" barrel. However, there are some cases where it is advantageous to have a shorter barrel length. more »

AR-15: choosing optics

by Erik  

One questions I get often is, "Which type of optic is best for my AR-15?" There isn't a blank answer to the question. There are several factors to consider when buying an optic for your AR-15. First, where are you shooting? Are you limited to a 25… more »

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