Long range .22 rifle accuracy

by Erik  

These days there are plenty of high-end .22 rifles on the market. Look at rifles from Anschutz, Savage, CZ, and Ruger. Most claim match-grade accuracy and come equipped with long barrels, custom stocks, and other luxuries. However, the limiting factor with these rifles is the cartridge itself.

Due to the low bullet weight and velocity the .22 LR cartridge is simply not suited for 1MOA accuracy at long range. A standard 40 grain bullet is not stable enough to maintain accuracy at long ranges. Especially with limited velocity and added wind when shooting outdoors. When you compare it to a .223 consider that in addition to an extra 15 grains of weight (at least) the pill shape allows the projectile to maintain a more stable trajectory.

Add another 1500-2000 feet/sec and you can see why a .223 can maintain 1MOA accuracy at 100 yards. If you are looking for something smaller than .223 that can maintain 1MOA accuracy you may consider the .17 HMR.

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