RELOADING: sorting and cleaning brass

by Erik  

If you are new to reloading, one of the first things to purchase is a tumbler to clean your brass. There are wet and dry tumblers available but dry tumblers are more popular and you don't have to introduce water which makes the process much faster. They range in price depending on the brand and size you buy, but they are well worth the money and will last a very long time. Cleaning used brass ensures that your reloading dies work properly and produce clean results.

Reloading dirty cases will spread the debris into the dies and can result in poorly seated bullets and/or crimps. I sort my brass by hand as it's a good way to visually inspect the cases for damage or signs of overuse. If you are reloading 9mm, it is important to separate 9mm from .380 as it is possible to prime and load a 9mm bullet into a .380 case. The video below gives you a quick look at how I sort my brass and clean it in preparation for reloading.

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Comment from: Keith Annis [Visitor]
Keith Annis

It is always best to sort out the cases to make it easier to clean and reload. Thanks for the tips! This is my first time to reload. Thanks a lot!

06/18/13 @ 21:25