2013: The decline of America

by Erik  

What happened to this country? Our beloved USA has slowly and steadily declined. Declined to the point where America has more takers than producers. Those who wanted "change" got exactly what they asked for. We no longer have the things we used to have. We used to have pride in working, pride in living, and pride in everything we do.

Somewhere along the line, the now majority, found it easier to blame others for their problems. They have turned to asking for and demanding handouts and other forms of help instead of trying to help themselves. While Americans used to march to the beat of our own drum, some now look at how foreign societies operate and suggest we use that a basis for how our country operates.

What was wrong with the original formula? The formula our country was founded on:
  • The American Dream?
  • The Land of the Free?
The media has done their best to convince America how bad guns are. And honestly, they have done a pretty good job so far. Liberals have gained strength saying things like "why does anyone need a gun with more than 10 rounds." As an avid-shooter I will honestly say this: they don't. I admit it. But that's not what this is about. It's about our government making decisions for us which goes completely against the what our country was founded on.

Why does anyone need a Corvette that goes 200+ MPH? The answer is the same, they don't. Does that mean Chevrolet should allow the government to ban them from producing them? Following the same logic, it's possible for a car that goes that fast to kill people so why allow people to own them? Barrack Obama and the media have essentially brainwashed the unsuspecting majority from seeing the real issue here.

As Americans it's our right to own things we want regardless of "need." Once we let our government tell us what we can or can't have, what's the point in even being America anymore?

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Comment from: David [Visitor]  

When the madness ends, and It will, we the people will demand that every politician and banker be jailed for life or executed…we will remember.

01/30/13 @ 17:40