Uses for guns with laser sights

by Erik  

Laser sights have been used by the military for decades. They are easiest way to get on target quickly and allow you to shoot from the hip, low-ready, or just about any other position. Today's combat lasers are IR (infrared) meaning they aren't visible to the naked eye. When used in conjunction with night vision, IR lasers are great for night-ops use.
However, when it comes to us civilians, laser sights are mostly a novelty item. Cheap ones will break very quickly. Sometimes as quickly a few rounds through an assault rifle. Good ones will cost anywhere from $100-$1000+ depending on the type/features. Lasers have to be good for something, so what would that be?
  • New shooters
  • Intimidation
I usually try lasers with new shooters because it helps them aim the gun correctly at the target. Many shooters will think they are aiming the weapon level, but once the trigger is pulled the round ends up going into the ceiling 15 yards down range. Lasers help them gauge what the weapon feels like when it's level and also helps them re-align the weapon for follow up shots.

Lasers can also be good for intimidation. Short of being infiltrated by a SWAT or Delta Force team, a laser shinning on the walls in a dark room is sure to clear any unwanted visitors.


Comment from: chuck [Visitor]

Erik, like most of your stuff however you say that laser sight may fail after use in an assault rifle. My question is who owns an assault rifle. I hope you are not referring to an AR15 as a legal AR15 is NOT an assault rifle although the anti-gun crowd would like to label it as one.

10/26/13 @ 18:23
Comment from: admin [Member]  

I mean’t something capable of full-auto fire. We tried a fake EOtech and NCstar laser on a bre-man M16 and after 4 mags dumps the laser wouldn’t turn on at all. The fake eotech started working again if we tapped it against something hard but then cut off as soon as the gun started firing again.

10/28/13 @ 22:43