Price of HK guns and accessories

by Erik  

If you ever wonder over to the H&K section of your local gun shop, you will first notice they are about 30% or more than the alternatives. Why? Well, there are many factors that determine the price of HK gear. The biggest one being their name. Can you buy a Chevy Corvette that is comparable in speed to the latest Ferrari? Of course, but you won't gain the status of saying you drive a Ferrari. Now, H&K produces some of the world's best, and in some cases, most famous guns. They are extremely popular among cinema reels and special forces. HK weapon prices

Back to prices, H&K is a German company. Like many other foreign products, they must be imported which automatically adds to the total cost. They do have service centers in the US and also produce a small amount of H&K guns in the US. All German made H&Ks will be marked with a DE usually near the serial number. I have not seen many non-DE marked H&Ks, but the quality has been deemed the same no matter what its country of origin. However, US-made versions are no cheaper...

So you suck it up and pay $900 for the H&K USP9. Congratulations, your pistol comes in a $10 plastic case (which looks cheaper than a Glock case), and two magazines. You want more magazines? Be prepared to pay anywhere from $45-$70 dollars each. Do you want that 31 round 9mm magazine like Glock sells? $140 each!

As you can see, the H&K magazines are expensive and so is everything else... H&K does offer a lifetime warranty to all original owners of their weapons. There are some exclusions to parts like rubber O-rings, magazines, and other parts that are considered disposable. If your gun isn't under warranty, be prepared to cough up some money replacement parts.
Things like hammers ($50-$80), slide levers ($40), and new barrels ($200-400) are going to cost top dollar. The are hard to find and usually only available via a few distributors. Holsters can also be hard to find for odd-size models like the Mark 23, Tactical, or Elite/Expert models.

Many H&K guns and parts are imported from Germany. This often causes problems with supply and demand as certain parts or guns become very hard to find. A quick example is a 25-round magazine for UMP. Originally around $40, importation of them slowed and caused prices to increase to $90+ when available. Many dealers only received a small shipment of them and sold out in hours due to high demand.

After reading all this, why go H&K? I'll give you 5 reasons:
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Style/Design
  • Collection
  • Resale

H&K makes some of the most reliable guns on the market. The Mark 23 is still arguably the best combat handgun ever built.

While most shooters are not good enough to see this first hand, H&K makes some of the most accurate, durable, and longest lasting guns on the market. However, ff you do happen to break one, H&K customer service is there for you.

Some shooters prefer the look of the H&K guns over others. I personally think they are striking (no pun intended). Beyond that, H&K put a lot of thought and consideration into their guns. They are designed to operate as advertised. This can be running suppressed, being submerged in salt water for extended periods of time, or just being fired 50,000+ times.

H&K guns are highly sought after by collectors. Rare models can bring in thousands over their initial cost. Discontinued models and their accessories also rise quickly in price. There is no shortage of H&K fans wanting to buy your new or used H&K gear.

So you aren't a collector, but want to sell a standard USP45. Your gun will sell for more money than your Springfield or Beretta. Like the Ferrari, H&K guns will hold their value very well no matter how old it is. In fact, the older models are often more sought after as H&K makes revisions or stops selling older models completely.


Comment from: Chris [Visitor]

Which HK models are the best collector type guns?

10/07/12 @ 03:39
Comment from: admin [Member]  

The USP match 9mm in stainless steel is one of the most sought after models since Tomb Raider. They sell for $3000+ which is about 3 times it’s initial price.

Other great models are the P7M13, Any USPs with colored frames, and old/original HK33/53/91/93/94/G3. A lot of the older models like G3s will vary depending on condition, manufacture/import date, and rarity.

Some specific models will be valuable based on their date of production. Some models produced during a certain year may have unique features which make them somewhat rare and therefore desirable to collectors.

10/07/12 @ 03:49