Should you open carry?

by Erik  

In the great state of Florida open carry is NOT legal. We can only carry concealed with a permit. Florida permits also cover knifes.
However, many states do allow open carry. Some of these states require NO permits at all and will even allow the carry of long guns. I'm all for the 2nd amendment but here is the problem with open carry.

People who don't know anything about guns freak out when they see them. This goes back to my post about why people are scared of guns.

I've seen several videos of people walking around with video cameras carrying everything from holstered sidearms to AR-15s. Eventually, the police confront them and explain that people freaked out and called 911 once they saw someone walking down the street with an "assault rifle."

While open carry of guns may be legal some areas, it attracts negative attention. Walking down the street with an AR-15 or MP5 is not going to make people more aware of gun rights. It also ties up the limited 911 and police resources.

The creator of the videos says he is trying to create awareness so we don't lose open carry privileges. However, if everyone started walking down the street with long guns hanging from their backs it wouldn't be long before the anti-gun fanatics would push to have open carry outlawed.

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