Why are people scared of guns?

by Erik  

There are many type of people in the world. Some are gun people, some are not. Have you ever wondered why people are afraid of guns?
In reality, it's usually based on the following two reason. First, they have no experience with or around guns. Having no experience, the only association they have based on the new/media which usually portrays guns as tools for death and destruction.

The other reason, is usually a tragic accident or loss of a loved one by guns. It could be freak accident, crime, or suicide. Whatever the case may be, they associate guns with bad feelings or past trauma. In such a case to sight or conversion of guns may upset them.

At the end of the day, guns aren't for everyone. Some people can be introduced or re-introduced to guns in a way that makes them feel okay or maybe even enjoyable. As a pro-gun American it's important to remember that some people don't like guns for a reason. While we may feel it's our right to proliferate our right to bear arms, it's simply not smart to force your pro-gun stance on everyone without known their stance or reasons they may not be pro-gun.

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