How long is the wait for Class 3?

by Erik  

The short answer is it depends. Here are several factors that affect the wait times for completed paperwork:

  • Total amount of forms in process
  • Requirement for a form 3
  • If your paperwork is complete and correct

The BATFE's NFA branch has a limited number of examiners. Many examiners process the paperwork for multiple states, but the wait times are fairly standard across all states. Due to guns becoming more popular in recent years, wait times have increased to as long as 8 months. If you are using an online vendor or buying from out of state, it ads about 3 weeks for a form 3 and therefore slightly extending the process. I have a feeling this time will increase as more people decide to buy online.

Last, make sure you have included all requested paperwork and that it is signed and dated. If you forget something your paperwork will be returned for correction. You ARE NOT sent to the end of the line, it simply adds another 2-3 weeks to the process. You can get a good idea of how long current wait times are by checking the results of the NFA Tracker.

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