Reloading match grade pistol ammo

by Erik  

Once you do enough reloading, you will notice slight variations in your seating depths. This is usually due to variations in the length of the cases themselves. Depending on your reloading equipment, you may also have slight variations with the depth of seating or crimping. This advice was given to me by a very experienced reloader with many years more experience than myself.

If you want true match grade ammunition, you will need to do a few things that reloading presses won't offer:
  • Trim cases to uniform length
  • Use the same primers
  • Manually measure powder charges
  • Pay careful attention to seating depth
Case length trimmer is usually required for rifle rounds. However, trimming your pistol cases and maintaining a uniform bullet seating allows the cartridge to seat in the chamber exactly the same way each time. Using the same primers and powder charges allow for consistent ignition and powder burns.

Shooting cartridge prepared as described above in a match grade pistol by an experienced shooter should yield noticeably better results than factory ammo or bulk reloads.

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