Gun powder coming back

by Erik  

Every few months there is a gun show right down the street from my neighborhood. I've been shelling out the $7 entry fee in hopes of finding a of stash pistol powder or anything specific I might need/want to try for loading rifle rounds. I have several online sources that I frequent as well.

From what I've seen in the last month I can confidently say gun powder is on its way back. A few months ago, I posted that rifle powder was starting to become available quite frequently. By frequently I mean that it didn't sell out in a day or two and suppliers seemed to be getting new inventory once or twice a month.
Last weekend was the first time in roughly 2 years that I have seen Winchester 231 in a tangible form. One vendor had several pistol powders including Unique, Bullseye, BE-86, Trailboss, and a few others. Although, he wanted $40/pound for it so out of curiosity I picked up the BE-86 to test some suppressed 9mm loads.
Another vendor had some IMR4227 for $27 a pound which is a fair price so I picked up 2 pounds for testing with some 300 Blackout loads. Primers and bullets are plentiful so now is the time to start reloading or if you have taken a break, welcome back! Hopefully in the next month I'll have some test results of the BE-86. From my research, it seems to be an updated version of Unique. Alliant has load data for several calibers and BE-86 is boasted as a cleaner burning powder with less muzzle flash.

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