9mm 147 grain subsonic ammo: RELOAD IT!

by Erik  

When you consider the cost of reloading, 9mm isn't viewed as a real money saver. Heavier bullets like .45 ACP or rifle cartridges that take large amounts of powder are going to make it worth your while to reload. When purchasing in bulk, heavy bullets and gun powder can yield a much cheaper price per round by reloading them.

Here is a look the figures based on my personal experience as a reloader. These figures are associated with components purchased in bulk including shipping prices and/or tax:

  • 115 grain FMJ - .11
  • gun powder - .03
  • primer - .04
  • case - .03
  • RELOAD PRICE - .21

Now, you could save .03 per round by using cases picked up from the range, or a few more cents by using plated bullets. If you reload 1000, the cost savings at the my highest price point is $100. By reloading 115 grain ammo, you could essentially produce 683 more 9mm rounds for the same cost as purchasing factory ammo. These figures do not factor in the cost of the equipment or your time needed to reload; just the raw materials.
Let's look at the cost of reloading 147 grain 9mm ammo:

  • 147 grain FMJ - .13
  • gun powder - .02
  • primer - .04
  • case - .03
  • RELOAD PRICE - .22

It's very difficult to find 147 grain 9mm ammo that is not a self-defense round. It's even harder to find it in stock; and it's nearly impossible to find in bulk. The .38 per round price was based on the cheapest ball ammo (not self defense ammo) and it wasn't even in stock. Again, using a plated bullet and free brass should knock off another .05 bringing the cheapest total for reloaded 147 grain ammo to $.17 per round.
So for all you guys who like shooting suppressed, or just prefer the 147 grain bullets... It may be time to jump on the reloading bandwagon.

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