Things I don't like about the Trijicon MRO

by Erik  

I have to admit I was really excited about the MRO. I've really enjoyed all my other Trijicon products and the larger objective seemed to make it a "better" Aimpoint micro. So I ordered one for under $500 to put on my 300 BLKOUT gun.

Surprisingly, there were some things i didn't like right out of the box:

  • Slight magnification
  • Adjustment knobs lack "clicks"
  • Green tint
  • Noticeable parallax

The slight magnification was something that took me a little while to notice. Initially, I thought larger objective was making my eye think the image was a little bit larger. After looking at a 50 yd target through an Aimpoint H1, Eotech XPS, and MRO, I realized this optic is more like 1.1x magnification.

While Trijicon claims the MRO has "positive-click reticle adjustment." I found that be a stretch at best. I was expecting the positive and audible clicks used on my ACOG. It's not even close. The "clicks" on the adjustment knobs feel more like the winding timer that comes with a board game. When trying to make a 1-2 click adjustment, it seems to be more like 3-5 as you can't be certain how many actual clicks have passed when turning. You can't feel them, and the only way you can hear them would be a quiet indoor room. Hardly effective for field adjustments.

The green tint is something that plagues nearly all red-dots except the Eotech. While I've become used to it after shooting the aimpoint on my MP5, the MRO seems to be a little too green for my liking.

Parallax is also something plagues nearly every magnified and non-magnified optic. Despite getting older, I still have perfect vision. It's hard for me to notice a parallax on the Aimpoint. If I try to look for it, I can find it. On the MRO is noticeable at all distances and situations. It's not a deal breaker, but it's something I easily noticed after using many different optics for many years and then picking up the MRO.

Now, I'm not saying the MRO is bad. I'm not even saying it's not good. It's still a quality optic and I'll continue to use it. The construction and light weight are among the top optics in the business.

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