TA33 ACOG eye relief

by Erik  

It's no secret that ACOG rifle scopes are some of the most expensive mid range optics. They are popular choices for fixed focal power on AR-15 rifles. There are also many variants of the ACOG with different reticles, bullet drop compensation, and focal powers.
ACOG TA-33Each model has their strengths and weaknesses. I choose the put the ACOG TA-33 .223
on my rifle for several reasons:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Clarity
  • Durability
  • Eye relief

Some of these features are not specific only the TA-33, but I thought they were worth mentioning. The size and weight of these optics are nothing short of amazing. The materials used allow the optic to perform in a very compact form. The TA-33 is one of the best optics on the market for its weight. The smaller size allows for less crowding on top of the gun which gives shooters a less obstructed view downrange.
The clarity of ACOG is phenomenal. The glass is clear and bright; even in low light. The combination fiber optic/tritium system does a great job of illuminating the reticle.
ACOGs are known for their outstanding durability which means they can be dropped and banged without worry. They can stand up to full-auto fire and are also submersible.
Above all, the reason I choose the TA-33 was the eye relief. While it only has a 3x power instead of the popular 4x on the full size ACOG, the longer eye relief makes it a more versatile optic. I can "almost" use it like a red dot sight (with some parallax). The long eye relief allows me to take quick shots on target with a consistent check weld. If I need to make a longer shot, I can tuck the gun in a few inches closer to get a better view downrange.
Expensive? Oh yea, but this is one of those buy once cry once situations. I've talked to a lot of shooters over the years, and I've never met one who says the regret buying the ACOG.

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