AR-15: Nickel Boron bolt carrier group

by Erik  

For most recreation shooters, the use of a Nickel Boron bolt carrier isn't really needed as the traditional phosphate carrier is pretty darn good. But it is cool. The gun runs a little better with it and the charging handle is noticeably easier to operate because there is less friction. With a little elbow grease the NiB cleans up nicely.

How much better is NiB over a traditional bolt carrier group? The answer depends on what you are doing with your gun. If you are shooting for extended periods of time or simply don't like cleaning your gun at all, then it might be worth the money. You can dump your old bolt carrier on gunbroker or a for about $100. Chances are the Nickel Boron carrier will outlive you.

I've had mixed results using an ultra-sonic cleaner but with wire brush and some flitz polish it looks good as new.

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