Why I hate revolvers

by Erik  

Most old school shooters will disagree here but there are several reasons why I hate revolvers. Revolvers are a common choice for robberies and other crimes because if shot, the shells remain in the gun and not on the ground. They are commonly refereed to in the gun world as "wheel guns" because the revolving cylinder operates like a wheel when fired. That being said, here goes...

Reason number 1: they are very loud. It sounds like a stupid argument but a 357 revolver will shake bullet proof glass ever time it's fired. I can shoot .45 SUPER from my pistol with less noise and more kinetic energy. It WILL damage your hearing if you aren't wearing the proper ear protection. It's also annoying to everyone else at the range.

Reason number 2: the grips suck. They range from tiny to fat but they still lack good substance to hold onto and the ergonomics are generally poor. For those with large hands a small revolver like the Smith & Wesson J-frame is nearly impossible to shoot quickly and/or accurately. There just isn't enough to hold onto.

Reason number 3: limited ammo and the time to needed reload. Some will argue that 1 shot with a .44 magnum is all you need. I agree with that statement but I don't like having a gun that holds 6 rounds or less and takes longer to reload or requires a speed loader. It's like having a black and white television when color ones have been around for ages.

Reason number 4: bad triggers. Again, some will disagree, but the triggers on most revolvers are either to hard or to light. In double action mode it is nearly impossible to accurately shoot small or distant targets. The long pull makes follow up shots very difficult and virtually impossible when done quickly. In single action mode, the trigger is to light. In my opinion, a bad choice for self defense.

Why do people own revolvers? Nearly every time I see someone shooting a wheel gun at the range it's a much older guy. Think Harrison Ford old. Or, it's a woman who was sold the gun by a retail shop because it was the gun they really wanted to move that day. In fact, revolvers can be a poor choice for women because the trigger is often to long and heavy for a woman to shoot. A double action trigger pull of 11 pounds is so heavy that instinctively your wrist and arm starts to drop to accommodate the extra force needed to pull it.

Don't get me wrong, there are tons of crack shot revolver shooters walking around. However, most of them are using customized guns that are very expensive and or have custom triggers to eliminate some of the problems I mentioned above. Short of a hi-point, I'd take anything over a revolver...

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