Pistol weight and trigger pull

by Erik  

Most people are much better rifle shooters than pistol shooters. Why is that? Well, a rifle usually weights between 5-10 pounds with a trigger pull that is similar in weight, but usually much less. So your AR-15 might weigh 7.5 pounds but it's trigger pull is only 3.5 pounds. This allows the shooter to hold a heavier weapon steady while requiring a very small amount of force to fire it.

Pistols are a different story. You actually have the opposite problem where the gun weight is less than the trigger pull weight. So while your pistol may weight in at 2 pounds, the trigger pull weight is 5.5 pounds. This makes the gun harder to hold steady while you squeeze the trigger, which usually results in poor accuracy.

There are many variations of pistols out there. Some are all steel so they naturally weigh more. Some have custom or extremely light triggers. In any event, there are a few things you can do to counter the problem of pistol weight to trigger pull.
Most weapon mounted lights only weigh 3-4 ounces but that's an easy way to add 8-15% more weight to the end of your gun. Adding weight at muzzle seems to be more effective for me. Others may benefit from having extra weight near the back of the gun. Which brings us to magwells and weighted magazines.

Magwells and weighted magazines come from the competition world. Their main purpose is to aid in quick magazine changes. The extra weight at the bottom of the magazine helps to ensure the magazine will fall from the gun even if it is released at a angle. The magwell makes inserting magazines easier by guiding the magazine through a slightly larger opening. They are usually made from metal so they add weight as well.

In addition to helping with accuracy, adding weight will also help tame the recoil of the weapon. Weight at the end of the gun will reduce muzzle flip and the shooter will perceive the result as having less recoil. I addition to weapon lights, compensators, suppressors and muzzle breaks are all excellent ways to add weight to the end of a pistol.

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