Should I keep a gun in the car?

by Erik  

Keeping a gun in your car is a double edged sword. It's great to have it, but when you aren't in the car there is always the possibility that it will be stolen.

I will be the first to admit that I used to leave my carry gun in the car when I would visit my parents. My Mom isn't big on me bringing guns in their house. So I usually leave it in the door panel of my car while I visit. Make a long story short, I forgot my gun, left my car unlocked, and someone had gone through it looking for goods. Luckily I had nothing of value in the car except a radar detection which they must not have seen. Several months later, local news reported 2 high school students who lived near the neighborhood were murdered (execution style) after a bad drug deal.

Investigations revealed they were checking unlocked cars in the area for guns. They were then selling the guns in exchange for cash and drugs.

Had I left my Glock 19 in the car that night, it would have been stolen. Even worse, it could have been the gun used to execute the two students. Coincidentally, after they were killed, there were no more incidents involving vehicle burglary. Since the event, I have changed my strategy a little. I keep a well hidden bag that contains a gun and few other safety items in case I end up stranded somewhere. It's not a quick solution that I can use in a split second, but at least it's something. My bag is well hidden enough that anyone looking for a smash and grab wouldn't be able to find it.

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