Why do gun dealers charge extra for a credit card?

by Erik  

If you purchase guns online you'll find most vendors will charge extra fee to use a credit card. Why is that? Every other merchant accepts credit cards and doesn't add 2-4% extra, what gives?
Well, businesses dealing in firearms are viewed as high risk by merchant service providers. High risk is a relative term, but it basically means a gun dealer runs a higher risk business than say a paper supplier. Gun dealing online is very price competitive just like other tangible items. It is easier for vendors to offer a lower price and keep the credit card fees in fine print. If they built the fees into the price of the guns they simply wouldn't sell as many. It makes sense when you think about it.

A good alternative to paying the credit card fees is using a bank draft (e-check) or using layaway. There are many online dealers that offer anywhere from 3 to 9 months with no fees and no interest. It's a cheap and easy way to buy high-end guns without draining your bank account.

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