Sandy Hook Shooting: New Gun Laws?

by Erik  

Here we go... of course myself and many others are shocked by the tragedy which happened at Sandy Hook elementary school. However, a big issue here is the media and politicians will spin this and other recent shootings into a reason to bad guns or at least tighten gun laws.

For all the hippies, gun-haters, and democrats, here is the reality of completely banning guns, and why it would never work:
  • Unconstitutional
  • Resistance from local Militias
  • Lack of funding/man power
  • NRA/Pro-gun lobbyist
Let's start by remembering that our country was founded with guns in mind. I'm not going to spend much time talking about the 2nd amendment, but it exists for a reason. If we abolish the 2nd amendment, we may as well get rid of the entire document all together.

Believe it or not, there are local militias in every state. The members of such militias have been recruiting and preparing for the fall of the government, post-apocalyptic event, or civil war. Militias are based on the fact that someone must remain in authority if the US government were to fail or turn against the US people. They are not going to hand over their guns without a fight.

It's no secret the government sucks at nearly everything they do. Social security, mortgages, and postal system are all failures. The programs are mismanaged and very close to bankrupt because of the way our government operates. If Obama were to wave a magic wand and immediately ban all guns, how would it be enforced? Are the police and military going to visit every household in the US and say "we are here to collect your guns, we know you have them." No way. They don't have the man power to execute such a program or the funding.

The NRA is very good at what they do. They employ some of the nations best lobbyist and have strong political support to help ensure we keep our 2nd amendment rights. Despite the media trying to persuade the general public that guns are bad, the NRA has a solid backing by millions of gun enthusiasts.

If there were ever a time when an assault weapons ban could pass it would probably be now. The only good thing about an AWB is that the NFA stuff would probably remained untouched. Why? The BATFE generates a large amount of revenue from all the tax stamps processed. While the government may be into making changes, it rarely involves changes that knowingly reduce their bottom line.

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