Don't buy NCstar gear

by Erik  

NCstar makes a lot of accessories for various weapons. The make tools, optics, lights, lasers, you name it. I have purchased several things from NCstar and was not happy with any of it. It is low quality gear from China that simply does not hold up and is a complete waste of money.


I purchased a Mark III 4-8x32 illuminated scope with a laser. I paid roughly $175 for it and after 1 trip to the range it started to flake out. The illumination has different levels of brightness. As you move the knob on the side it adjusts the brightness and will activate the laser. Between clicks the illumination would flicker. You would have to wiggle the knob back and forth to get it to stay on, and once a shot is fired, the recoil turns off the illumination. The laser was just as bad. One mode activates only the laser, another will activate the laser and scope illumination. I can never get the illumination and laser to work at the same time. The quick release mount is shoddy at best. I doubt the optic will hold a zero when take off and put back on.

Overall, I wasted $175 I could have put towards an EOTech or other quality optic. Is it still useful? Yes, baring the illumination, laser, and holding a zero, it will still function as a standard optic. Does it compare to a quality optic like a ACOG or Larue? No way, and you can't expect it to for $175. Although, I think this optic would be great for something with less recoil. Say a .22 or maybe a .17 HMR.

I have also purchased things such as bi-pods, lasers, and tools.  The b-ipods are terrible.  They mounting has too much play and the over construction isn't strong enough to make the bi-pod useful.  Lasers were dim and had poor distance.  The only worthwhile thing I purchased was an AR-15 multi-tool wrench that I used to replace some components of my AR.  It has held up and worked out fine.

Bottom line, save your money for better products.  It's better to spend more the first time, then have to re-buy something because the first one sucked.

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