Choosing range bags and gear

by Erik  

If plan to shoot frequently at a gun range you will need to buy some range gear. In this article, I will discuss things you need for range trips like bags, targets, and safety equipment.

The most helpful thing you will need is a bag or gun case. Your needs will depend mostly on where/what you are shooting. However, a fairly inexpensive range bag is always useful. Most range bags have padding, pockets, and zippered compartments to separate and organize your gear. I frequently use a few different range bags depending on what I plan to shoot. Some bags can only fit handguns, while others can fit a subgun.

The pockets and compartments easily organize all your ammo, magazines or other accessories. Here are the accessories I usually bring on short range trips:
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Range membership/ID card
  • HK multi-tool
  • Pen/paper
  • Gun oil
  • Targets
  • Gloves

I shoot a lot at indoor ranges so the HK multi-tool allows me to change out broken target clips from the last shooter who shot them off and didn't tell anyone. It's also useful to adjust sights and other adjustments that use an allen key.

If I am shooting reloads I may want to take some notes about how they performed so I usually have a pen and some paper. It is also useful if you want to mark your targets or label them with the gun/distance you were shooting.

Depending on how many rounds I am going to shoot, I bring oil in case the gun starts to get really dirty. This happens a little more with re-loaded ammo and/or shooting suppressed.

For most pistol shooting I use standard 8.5" x 11" printed targets from Targetz. They have a great assortment of all types of targets and colors. If I gently fold them I can fit them in one of the back compartments of smaller range bags.

I'm not big on shooting with gloves, but it does make your life a lot easier if you want to remove a hot suppressor from the end of your gun. If you are shooting wet, it's also a good way to ensure you hands don't get as dirty.

The videos below give you a quick look at two range bags that I use for short pistol shooting trips.

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