Shooting a suppressor wet

by Erik  

You may have seen or heard about shooting a suppressor with a medium to increase the effectiveness. It's known as shooting "wet." It does work, and I have performed both wet and dry suppressed shooting indoors. However, there are several things you should know about shooting suppressors wet.

  1. It's messy
  2. It may rust your magazine springs
  3. It's messy

Once you introduce water to the suppressor it not only makes it quieter, but adds a warm carbon-filled mist to the blow back gas. After 1 magazine of shooting wet, your hand or wrist will have a soot-like warm water which spills out from the breech of your gun. More than likely, you will also have a small amount on your face/shooting glasses which makes you look like a coal miner if you get enough of it.

Your magazines will get very dirty as well. It wasn't until I took my magazines apart, that I realized excess water had become trapped in the bottom of the magazine and caused the spring to rust. I have tried other mediums like white lithium grease and wire pulling gel. The grease made the gun MUCH more dirty than water. The wire pulling gel was a little better about leaving the gun less dirty, but it made the excess blow back sticky which was almost as bad to clean off your hands as the grease.

Due to these results, I rarely shoot my suppressors wet. If you are going to do it, make sure you use no more than the suggested 5cc of medium as anything more will produce an even bigger mess. On average, I got about 1-2 magazines of assistance from the medium before it needed to be re-charged.

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