NFA background check

by Erik  

People often ask what the difference is between a background check for a standard firearm, and one for an NFA item. The short answer is nothing. Both simply run a check through NICS. Although, there is some controversy over applying for NFA items as a corporation.

Technically, a corporation cannot have a criminal record. If you pass the background check for a standard firearm, you will pass the NFA check as well. When submitting a form 4 for a suppressor as a corporation or with a trust; there is no personal identifying information. You are not required to submit a social security number. However, once the form 4 is approved you will need to fill out a standard 4473 before taking it home.

The majority of the time spend waiting for tax stamps is due to the examiners looking over the gun trusts, CLEO sign-offs (if used). Remember, the NFA stuff goes through a department of the U.S. government and they are anything but speedy. In fact, the only thing they do quickly is cash your check.

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