HOWTO: Purchase post sample machine guns

by Erik  

Post sample machine guns can only be sold to class 3/SOT holders. What does that mean? Well, a class 3 dealer is usually a gun shop or gunsmith that is allowed to obtain and posses class 3 items. A SOT (Special Occupational Tax) holder can also manufacture class 3 items like silencers, machine guns, etc. They simply submit and report their models and inventory to the BATFE.

Post sample guns can be purchased directly from the manufacturer by C3/SOT holders. However, in order to do so, they must have a letter from a qualifying potential customer. This means someone legally allowed to own post ban guns which is only law enforcement or military. These are called "love letters." Once the letter is received and authorized, the manufacturer will ship a post sample machine gun directly to the C3/SOT holder. From there, they are allowed to use it as they would any other gun and since they paid for it, they get to keep it for as long as their C3/SOT license is valid.

Post sample guns can also be sold to other C3/SOT dealers. THEY CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED TO CIVILIANS. If you want to purchase a machine gun as a civilian, your only option is to buy a pre-ban machine gun.

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