FORM 1: SBR when to engrave?

by Erik  

If you have applied for an SBR using a form 1, then you should have your engraving done BEFORE the form is approved. Once the form is approved and the gun is entered into the BATFE registry, I cannot be shipped traditionally as it would like a title 1 gun.

Once a title 2 (NFA) gun has been approved it can only be accepted by a Class 3/SOT license holder. This makes shipping a little more complicated and your options somewhat limited. If you plan on registering your gun as an SBR, it is best to have the engraving done as soon as possible. There is nothing wrong with engraving a firearm that is not an NFA item.

If you are looking form more information on SBRs and submitting a form 1, see the following articles:

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