Shooting on a budget

by Erik  

If you get heavy into shooting you'll realize how quickly 500 rounds of ammo will go. Previously, I talked about using steel ammo vs. brass. If you are going to shoot a lot steel is the way to go unless your gun won't shoot it.
Shotguns are can be good for shooting cheaply because you can't really go out and shoot 500 rounds of 00 buck without a pretty sore shoulder. Sure they are almost $1/shell but if you go out and shoot 20 shells you'll get your fix for shooting.

Handgun magazines come in various capacities these days. To save ammo I usually load 10 rounds into an 18 round magazine. Why? My first 10 shoots are going to be decent. After 10, they aren't as good and I'm basically wasting the last 8 rounds.

The same concept applies to rifles. A 30-round AR-15 magazine will cost about $8.50 each if they are loaded with a full 30 rounds. I usually put 15-20 rounds in each magazine because those are going to be my best shots. I can essentially spend half as much money per magazine and get the same or better results of shooting that day.

Above all else, take your time. Just because you left the house with 150 rounds loaded up doesn't mean you have to go through them in 15 minutes. Take your time, think about the errors and bad habits you trying to correct.

Follow these tips and I bet your shooting improves and you will spend less money.

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