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by Erik  

The information contained on this site provides easy to understand information related to firearms, their use, and operation.

I do my best to provide unbiased information pertaining to different types of firearms, manufacturers, and laws.  Certain sections of this site focus on specific areas and topics related to firearms.  I only post information on topics and items that I can speak intelligently about.  If I am not educated on a specific topic or item then you will not find it here.

Now for the disclaimers; I am not a gunsmith, lawyer, law enforcement officer, or gun control lobbyist.  Nor do I play one on television.  Any information contained on this site contains no warranty or guarantee of any kind.  This site exists for the sole purpose of being useful to those who are less educated about firearms.

ATF: eform returned in 48 days!

by Erik  

It's official: HELL HAS FROZEN OVER! In a previous post, I thought I was living the high life after a 3 month wait for an e-filed form 1. I was even more shocked when another form 1 submitted on 06/24/2014 was approved and delivered via e-mail 08/11/2014.

I was skeptical on the first eform because when I submitted it, form 1s were actually not even being accepted electronically. To make a long story short it was a "draft" that was saved in the system before they temporarily shut it down. When I submitted the most recent form on 06/24/2014 it was one of the first days the ATF had started re-accepting form 1s electronically. was estimating November on this one, and I was satisfied with that. Less than 2 months is more fun that I should be allowed to have with my clothes on! Although, I still have a paper form 4 out there on a 5.56 suppressor which I want badly. Who knows when that one will come in.

.45 ACP not expanding - WHO CARES?

by Erik  

When talking self-defense ammo, all manufacturers claim effective expansion. Various test show these claims are not always accurate. However, when it comes to .45 ACP I'll be the first to claim that expansion doesn't really matter.

From at size comparison, a 9mm must expand 27% to create the same entry hole as a 45 ACP. Likewise, a .40 caliber must expand 13% which is better than a 9mm but still doesn't match the .45 ACP. So assuming that a .45 ACP does not expand at all (chances low) it still creates a very large hole. Any expansion is just a bonus!

To be fair, the wound cavities created by these projectiles will be different based on bullet weight and velocity. However, the simple fact is that an entry wound from a .45 ACP is going to bleed; and FAST!

Not everyone chooses to carry a .45 ACP for a defense, but you can't deny the advantages of a large bullet.

ATF: eforms return in 3 months!

by Erik  

So a few months back I wrote an article about the troubled eform system. Well, I was shocked today when I received an e-mail with an approved tax stamp.

The turn around time was just shy of 3 months. 2 months and 29 days to be exact. Needless to say I was speechless. I filed the form on May 1st and the document has an approval date of July 30th. had my estimate at November. When I first saw the email subject, I thought it was simply going to say my status changed to pending or something similar. After waiting almost a year for my last suppressor, 3 months is a picnic!

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