Firearms in America

by Erik  

The information contained on this site provides easy to understand information related to firearms, their use, and operation.

I do my best to provide unbiased information pertaining to different types of firearms, manufacturers, and laws.  Certain sections of this site focus on specific areas and topics related to firearms.  I only post information on topics and items that I can speak intelligently about.  If I am not educated on a specific topic or item then you will not find it here.

Now for the disclaimers; I am not a gunsmith, lawyer, law enforcement officer, or gun control lobbyist.  Nor do I play one on television.  Any information contained on this site contains no warranty or guarantee of any kind.  This site exists for the sole purpose of being useful to those who are less educated about firearms.

Glock trigger options

by Erik  

One of the most common complaints about Glocks from shooters of other firearms is the trigger.  Most 1911 shooters hate the Glock triggers because of the striker-fire mechanism used.  By default most Glocks have a 5.5 pound trigger pull.  You have 2 popular choices to lighten up the trigger pull.

1. Trigger connector replacement
2. Challenger/Edge trigger kit

The trigger connector is the easier of the two and is also the cheapest.  A few companies produce these and it only takes about 10 minutes to install and brings the pull weight down to 3.5 pounds.

Which .22 pistol should I buy?

by Erik  

Every avid shooter should own a .22 pistol.  There are several reasons for this, but among the most popular is cost.  Ammunition for a .22 pistol is cheap.  In fact, most shoot a .22 for pennies per round.  It can be purchased in bulk and is very easy to find.  There are many different variations of .22 pistols.  Everything from tactical to target shooters and anything in between.  With the ever increasing cost of ammo, .22 pistols and rifles are becoming more popular.

Below are 3 of the most common .22 pistol:

popular .22 pistols

Some models come with threaded barrels for use with a suppressor, others require an adapter or different barrel.

All 3 pistols are great choices. They are solid designs, perform well, and are a blast to shoot. The only downside, you are stuck with 10 rounds per magazine. These guns are moderately priced depending on which model you choose. Retail prices will range from $300 - $450. Sig Sauer even makes a pink one for the ladies!

Conversion kits

There are a number of manufacturers making .22 conversion kits for existing firearms of other calibers.  Both pistols and rifles have conversion kits to allow the use of .22 caliber ammunition.

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