Ammo reloading tools and supplies

by Erik  

In this article I will cover the basic tools and supplies needed for reloading. I provide examples and suggestion of what I use and why I like it.

To get started you will need these supplies to make or reload your own ammo:
  • Brass cases
  • bullets
  • Gun powder
  • Primers
  • Case lube*

Bullets, brass, primers, and powder are obvious. You can usually get by without using case lube if you are loading pistol cartridges with carbide dies. If you are loading rifle rounds, you will need to lube those cases as they will not slide as easy (or at all) without it.

Your powder and primer selection will vary depending on the caliber and bullet you using. Cast lead bullets will use a different amount of powder than jacketed bullets. There are slight variations among primers, but they are not as critical as powder charges.

Most reloaders pick up their brass cases at local ranges. Such brass may be once-fired or many times fired, but is usually still good for reloading. Some reloaders buy brass cases online either new or used.

As far a equipment goes, you will need at least the following:
  • Case tumbler
  • Press (single stage or progressive)
  • Dies in each caliber
  • Scale (balance or digital)
  • Caliper (dial or digital)

These items are not required to start reloading but will make your life easier in the long run:
  • Bullet puller
  • Cartridge gauge
  • Swager (for military rifle brass)

Watch the Reloading Video Series on Youtube

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