George Zimmerman's Kel-tec 9mm for sale?

by Erik  

Evidence used in crimes is usually caught in red tape for months or even years. I have personally heard of guns and other crime scene evidence never actually being returned. So I was surprised when I saw this headline.

What would actually happen to this firearm if/when it were released back to George Zimmerman? Although, I doubt he would actually want to keep it. Under the same circumstances, I wouldn't want the gun back if it were me. However, if the gun were to go up for auction, I bet it would sell somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000+. Potentially much more if the proceeds were advertised to go towards a good charity.

Why would a gun that retails for $300 sell for upwards of 50 times more? Several reasons:

  • People are fascinated with murder relics and/or memorabilia
  • The gun is an interesting historical piece (maybe in bad taste)

For some reason, people are fascinated with anything related to murder. Items belonging to serial killers have fetched crazy dollars in the past. While most end up in museums, there is a strange market of private collectors which have been known to purchase such items.

While in somewhat bad taste, the gun would hold some historical value. I could just imagine such gun being shown on Pawn Stars 10 years from now for some crazy amount of money. I'm always surprised what value the show claims certain items of that nature are worth.

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