Class 3/NFA:HOWTO submit a Form 4

by Erik  

If you are purchasing a Class 3 item such as a suppressor or machine gun, you will need to submit a form 4. There are currently 3 different ways to submit your NFA forms. I suggest using a gun trust as it provides the most protection and least hassle. When using a trust, the name on your Form 4 application will be your trust name. It must MATCH EXACTLY as printed on your trust.
If your trust says "Declaration of Firearms Trust by John Doe" then it must say that on the form 4. My first NFA purchase was a suppressor. The only Class 3 dealer close to me was brand new and (in my opinion) not properly qualified to do NFA paperwork. They completely my form incorrectly with "Revocable Living Trust by John Doe" which was kicked back by the examiner because the names did not match. Make sure they match!

When mailing the paperwork, here is what you will need:
  1. (2) Form 4 Applications
  2. $200 check payable the BATFE
  3. (1) copy of your trust
  4. Schedule A
  5. Compliance form 922(g)(5)(b)

You will need TWO Original Form 4's. One is returned to you, the other is kept by the ATF for their records. You MUST print both sides on the same piece of paper. The check is self explanatory, but you should use a check (instead of a money order) to see when it was cashed. A copy of your trust is needed. Without it, they will kick back your application.

The "schedule A" confuses a lot of people. It is usually the last page of your trust and is just a list of your NFA items. I submit my schedule A with the item I am applying for ALREADY LISTED. A lot of people will argue this as you are technically still applying and have been approved yet so it should not be listed. I have always done it that way and never had a problem.

Last, the 922g form simply states you are a US citizen. If you complete all your paperwork correctly, the only painful part is the 3-8 month wait. Three if you are lucky, eight if the ATF is backed up.

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