Category: "Reloading"

Why use a single stage press for reloading?

by Erik  

If you are new to reloading you probably have done some research on different types of reloading presses. If you want to reload large amounts of ammo you will absolutely want a progressive press. However, there are several instances where a single sta… more »

Choosing range bags and gear

by Erik  

If plan to shoot frequently at a gun range you will need to buy some range gear. In this article, I will discuss things you need for range trips like bags, targets, and safety equipment. The most helpful thing you will need is a bag or gun cas… more »

Ammo: Rounds firing as keyholes

by Erik  

Keyhole is a term used to describe rounds which are fired that do not remain concentric once they leave the barrel. Meaning, once fired, the round starts to tumble like a football kicked for a field goal. more »

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