Category: "Reloading"

Smokeless Gun Powder: Single-base vs. Double-base

by Erik  

Smokeless gun powders are produced in two different forms: single and double base. While the powder contains many chemicals to generate the desired ignition, it is composed mostly of a chemical called Nitrocellulose. Single-base powders harness th… more »

RELOADING: .45ACP on the Dillon 650XL

by Erik  

Here is a look at the Dillon 650 in action reloading .45 ACP with cast lead. more »

Reloading match grade pistol ammo

by Erik  

Once you do enough reloading, you will notice slight variations in your seating depths. This is usually due to variations in the length of the cases themselves. Depending on your reloading equipment, you may also have slight variations on the depth of… more »

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