Category: "Reloading"

PMC XTAC 5.56 powder change

by Erik  

While measuring a factory PMC XTAC with a 55 gr. bullet, I was wondering how much powder they were using. So I opened the cartridge and poured the charge onto my scale. more »

45ACP vs. 300 Blackout

by Erik  

A friend of mine recently showed me his custom .300 blackout rifle with a 9-inch barrel and AAC 762 suppressor. I was intrigued to compare it with my HK UMP 8-inch barrel gun. Both are short barrel rifles and when loaded with subsonic ammo, the .300 b… more »

Canister vs. Non-canister powder

by Erik  

If you are new to reloading choosing a powder can be tricky. You are best off choosing one of the more popular powders on the market before you try powders aimed towards a special caliber or gun. more »

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