Category: "Reloading"

RELOADING: IMR 4064 not good for .223

by Erik  

IMR claims it is one of their more versatile powders for .223 and .308. Here is some information that may be helpful if you are considering this powder. more »

9mm 147 grain subsonic ammo: RELOAD IT!

by Erik  

When you consider the cost of reloading, 9mm isn't going to be a big money saver. Heavier bullets like .45 ACP or rifle cartridges that take large amounts of powder are going to make it worth your while to reload. When purchasing in bulk, heavy bullet… more »

reloading .223: using rifle vs. pistol primers

by Erik  

If you have ever tried reloading .223/5.56 ammo you probably already know about the dreaded primer pocket. All "military" brass has the primer crimped into the case. Some manufacturers even put lacquer over the primer to make it waterproof. In orde… more »

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