Category: "Reloading"

Triple-base gun powder?

by Erik  

The primary energy source in triple-base powder is nitrocellulose, nitroglycerine, and nitroguanidine. more »

Optics: high priced rifle scopes

by Erik  

Have you ever browsed through the different models of rifle scopes and sorted them by price? If you are looking at a high-end scope manufacturer don't be surprised if their best models are $3,000 and up. What makes these things so damn expensive? In… more »

AMMO: what is +P and +P+

by Erik  

+P and +P+ ammo usually refers to self defense ammo that is loaded extra "hot" in order to achieve high velocity. The downside to these loads is increased recoil and additional muzzle flash. These can be counter acted buy using a lighter bullet and gu… more »

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