Category: "Assault Rifles"

NFA items as an individual

by Erik  

Applying as an individual may be cheaper depending on your situation. If you only want one or two NFA items, it is probably cheaper than having a gun trust created by an attorney. However, you loose a limited amount of protection should you unknowingl… more »

Who is the Freedom Group?

by Erik  

The Freedom Group is a holding company which owns several popular gun manufacturers (listed below). Freedom Group is owned by Cerberus Capital Management which is based out of New York. more »

NFA FORM 1: background check for SBR

by Erik  

If you plan on owning a long gun with a rifle shorter than 16 inches, you will have to comply with the NFA laws. This requires you to submit a form 5320.1 commonly referred to as a "form 1." more »

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