Category: "Assault Rifles"

FORM 1: SBR when to engrave?

by Erik  

If you have applied for an SBR using a form 1, then you should have your engraving done BEFORE the form is approved. Once the form is approved and the gun is entered into the BATFE registry, I cannot be shipped traditionally as it would like a title 1… more »

HOWTO: Purchase post sample machine guns

by Erik  

Post sample machine guns will only be sold to class 3/SOT holders. What does that mean? Well, a class 3 dealer is usually a gun shop or gunsmith that is allowed to obtain and posses class 3 items. An SOT (Special Occupational Tax) can manufacture cla… more »

NFA: Post sample vs. transferable machine guns

by Erik  

In the NFA world, "post sample" means that the machine gun was built AFTER 1986. Therefore, it cannot be owned by a civilian. Post sample machine guns are only allowed to be owned by class 3/SOT holders. The purpose of having a post sample gun is for… more »

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