Category: "Assault Rifles"

How often should you clean your guns?

by Erik  

There is much debate over this topic. There are many factors which go into the answer, but here is how I do it. First, I shoot often. Usually weekly or bi-weekly which makes cleaning guns a lot of work. Many people will tell you that guns need to be… more »

Sandy Hook Shooting: New Gun Laws?

by Erik  

Here we go... of course myself and many others are shocked by the tragedy which happened at Sandy Hook elementary school. However, a big issue here is the media and politicians will spin this and other recent shootings into a reason to bad guns or at l… more »

SBR Engraving Explained

by Erik  

If you want to have a long gun with a barrel shorter than 16" you will need to complete a form 1 application. The process of submitting a form 1 has already been explained in detail. However, depending on the gun, you may be required to have some ma… more »

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