Category: "Assault Rifles"

Knight's Armament URX 3.1 installation video

by Erik  

Here is a look at installing the Knight's Armament URX 3.1 rail in a 4 part video series. more »

Machine guns, sears, and short barrel rifles.

by Erik  

The laws concerning machine guns and short barrel rifles are defined in the National Firearms Act. There are some stipulations concerning sear usage with short barrel guns. This information assumes SBRs are allowed in your state. Registered s… more »

buy an MP5 or MP5SD?

by Erik  

If you are thinking of choosing between an MP5 or MP5 SD, chances are you already know a lot about the MP5 platform. For those who don't, I will enlighten you. The MP5 and MP5SD are both submachine guns because they are chambered in a pistol caliber. more »

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