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AR-15: negatives to a short barrel?

by Erik  

The standard configuration for an AR-15 uses a 16" barrel. However, there are some cases where it is advantageous to have a shorter barrel length. more »

AR-15: choosing optics

by Erik  

One questions I get often is, "Which type of optic is best for my AR-15?" There isn't a blank answer to the question. There are several factors to consider when buying an optic for your AR-15. First, where are you shooting? Are you limited to a 25… more »

Optics: high priced rifle scopes

by Erik  

Have you ever browsed through the different models of rifle scopes and sorted them by price? If you are looking at a high-end scope manufacturer don't be surprised if their best models are $3,000 and up. What makes these things so damn expensive? In… more »

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